DO YOU NOT MISS those memorable days?

You’d have a collection of rare stamps of your own.

A long time ago when you collect together different images, pictures with tags of different countries and locations you’d love to visit.

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when you sit in front of beautifully arranged grid of stamp cards that is unique to you alone. 

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WE ALL WANT TO feel special?

And we feel special when we do and create special things.

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you won’t just feel special, you ARE special.

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Select your CRYPTO STAMP Today.

You have 9,999 choices. It is worth to check and pick your SPECIAL FISHBIRD token today.

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Our Story

In 2045, a young village girl heard many stories of beautiful and awesome animal species such as fishbirds.
She wished she could see for herself what they look like.

And she did, when her grandmother sent her old stamps showing images of pretty fishbirds
The joy was extraordinary.

Now, with the help of Crypto Stamp, she has access to 9,999 beautifully designed and minted stamp cards bearing unique but similar pictures of beautifully designed fishbirds.
Among the collections are fishbirds bearing unique prints that catch the stamp collector’s eye.

Who will be the lucky owner?

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Crypto Stamp Story

About Us

Crypto Stamp is inspired by the desire of a lot of people to have a collection of historical symbols through stamp cards and to capture things that they desire.

Crypto stamp album is a collection of NFTs minted as ERC-1155 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. They are 9,999 digital arts bearing stamp seal, country name, price, envelope, color and appearance that give them quality and uniqueness.

We will list all the 9,999 Crypto stamps for sale so that everyone can get for themselves, and in the nearest future, 500 special edition stamps will be minted and listed on the marketplace to be owned by the fastest fingers.

This project is majorly about the Community. Therefore, everything we are set to do is geared towards building and growing the community while satisfying the interest of the community members.

With Crypto Stamp Album, you don’t need a stamp catalog, tong, hinge, or stockbook before you own a collection of quality, pretty fishbirds artworks.

You just have to click the BUY button on the opensea link:

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Professional Service

Future Value of Crypto Stamps

That you love collecting stamps is not a misguided interest. Did you hear of the debatably rarest stamp error in U.S. history called the “Inverted Jenny” that sold for $1,351,250.

  • Many years ago, wall street estimated the global number of stamp collectors to be around 60 million.
  • Now the number has wildly increased as the digital world grows.

  • Quickly position yourself as an NFT philatelist by owning Crypto stamp fishbirds on a secured and fast-growing blockchain.


We are in this for the long haul and have set up some milestones for ourselves. Once we reach the percentages below in sales, we will begin to work on the corresponding stated goal.

10% - Phase 1

  • Project Branding
  • Establishing a strong social media presence

20% - Phase 2

  • Airdrop event distributing crypto stamps to early believers
  • Sales launch

30% - Phase 3

  • Reward committed members and Crypto Stamp holders through giveaways.

40% - Phase 4

  • Merchs giveaways to randomly selected community members

50% - Phase 5

  • Organize competition for Crypto stamps holders,
    where they showcase their crypto stamps on the discord community.

60% - Phase 6

  • Partnership & Affiliations

70% - Phase 7

  • Play2earn game developments where crypto stamp collectors can compete with one another
    to assess their expertise in arranging the stamp cards.

80% - Phase 8

  • Adventure into the Metaverse

90% - Phase 9

  • Crypto stamps almost sold out.
  • 10% sales commission will be given to the team,
    while the remaining is for running the community.
  • Minting and listing of 500 special edition stamps.

100% - Phase 10

  • Finally!!! All Crypto stamps sold out.
  • Scholarship Program for school students.

We move to Roadmap 2.0     Read More

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Project Leader