We are in this for the long haul and have set up some milestones for ourselves. Once we reach the percentages below in sales, we will begin to work on the corresponding stated goal.

10% - Phase 1

  • Project Branding
  • Establishing a strong social media presence

20% - Phase 2

  • Airdrop event distributing crypto stamps to early believers
  • Sales launch

30% - Phase 3

  • Reward committed members and Crypto Stamp holders through giveaways.

40% - Phase 4

  • Merchs giveaways to randomly selected community members

50% - Phase 5

  • Organize competition for Crypto stamps holders,
    where they showcase their crypto stamps on the discord community.

60% - Phase 6

  • Partnership & Affiliations

70% - Phase 7

  • Play2earn game developments where crypto stamp collectors can compete with one another
    to assess their expertise in arranging the stamp cards.

80% - Phase 8

  • Adventure into the Metaverse

90% - Phase 9

  • Crypto stamps almost sold out.
  • 10% sales commission will be given to the team,
    while the remaining is for running the community.
  • Minting and listing of 500 special edition stamps.

100% - Phase 10

  • Finally!!! All Crypto stamps sold out.
  • Scholarship Program for school students.

We move to Roadmap 2.0


Project branding involves where we clearly define who we are, what we do in clear terms in a whitepaper, it also involves securing brand identity such as logo, colour, font styles and other features for ourselves to represent us in all our appearances, both online and offline.

Establishing a strong social media is where we set up communities at different social media platforms such as discord, telegram, twitter and some other ones deemed necessary. Each platforms will be active for interactions, managed by some of the team members, and it will be used to disburse information to our community members.

Airdrop events will be organized to give our members a taste of what they will get for being part of the project, we might have them to do some petty tasks such as following us on all our social media platforms, retweeting our posts, and inviting their friends after which we will request them to drop their addresses to receive crypto stamps(s) for free.

Sales launch is when we will officially announce on all our platforms that interested people can now start buying our crypto stamps on Opensea.

To encourage members’ activeness on our social media platforms, we will set up a means probably through a discord bot to measure and note each member’s level of participation on our discord platform, and a certain number of people ranking higher than the others will be publicly given free crypto stamps so others can be motivated.

We will create and design merchandise such as shirts, physical stamps, stockbook all customized without brand identities and send to the physical location of randomly selected people, and each person that receives the merch will be required to take a picture of him wearing or using the merch and post the picture on our social media platforms.

Competition will be a simple one, crypto stamp holders will be told to showcase their collection of our stamp cards, putting them together to define something logical. The community members will then vote for collections they think are appealing and logical. This, we believe will encourage members to be creative in their buying and collection of the stamp cards.

As a means to grow our community and reach more people, we will affiliate with other NFTs project that has a very good agenda as ours.

We will develop a Play2earn game availing community members a grand opportunity to earn while they have fun.

The metaverse is the leading use-case for NFTs. We will work together with existing metaverse such as decentraland. This will be in tandem with the play2earn game where community members will be able to trade their stamp cards for other NFTs in the metaverse enlightening them on the art of business.